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5 min read
What Do I Need to Do Before Buying a Swimming Pool

You’ve made the decision to get a pool. Fantastic! Are there any other steps you need to take to make that happen? Pave the way to success properly so that you can enjoy your beautiful new pool for many years to come. If you are looking into getting a swimming pool or have already started…

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5 min read
If I Buy Now, How Long Until I Get My New Fiberglass Pool?

Making the decision to get a fiberglass pool is an exciting one. The tough part, once you’ve set the ball in motion, is the unending anticipation of waiting for your gorgeous new pool’s completion. So, how much time can you expect to wait before your new fiberglass pool is installed? Realistically, how long will it…

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10 min read
How to Choose the Right Color for Your Pool

Congratulations! You’ve decided to get a pool to transform your backyard, just in time for summer! There’s nothing quite like having your own backyard oasis in the hotter months, and there’s nothing more soothing than cooling off in a swimming pool as the inviting waters melt away your stress. There’s no doubt about it, enhancing…

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10 min read
In-Ground Swimming Pools Vs Above-Ground Swimming Pools

Many people who are considering getting a pool for the first time have a lot of questions – one common question that pops up is whether they should opt for an inground or above-ground pool.  Each has their own unique traits, and whichever you decide to go for will also depend a lot on the…

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10 min read
Need to Know the Differences Between Concrete, Vinyl Lined and Fiberglass Pools?

Need to Know the Differences Between Concrete, Vinyl Lined and Fiberglass Pools? Concrete, vinyl lined and fiberglass pools can all be great additions to your backyard, but before you jump into a decision, it’s worth looking into the differences between the three, to work out what would best suit your home and lifestyle. Concrete and…

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5 min read
Why Choose A Fiberglass Swimming Pool?

When you’re thinking about getting a pool installed, you might be inclined to only consider concrete or vinyl liner models. While concrete and vinyl liner have been popular for pools in the US, the market is now embracing fiberglass pools as a durable, flexible and beautiful option for their backyards. At Narellan Pools, we’ve dedicated…

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