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4 Safety Tips to Share with Young Swimmers

Jun 05, 2021

Nothing is more exciting to a kid in summer than throwing on a swimsuit and running out to jump into a sparkling, cool pool. It’s exciting for adults, too! However, excitement can cloud judgment, making it hard to remember to make safe choices in and around the pool. Take a moment to share these 4 safety tips with young swimmers, so they can have fun and be safe.

Tip #1 – Wear Sunblock

Make a habit of putting on sunblock 30 minutes before swimming, and reapplying throughout the day. Your kids may protest, eager to get in the water, but remind them that sunblock keeps them safe from the sun’s harmful rays. Yes, warm sunlight feels good on your skin, and it’s healthy to get some Vitamin D, but you can’t enjoy these benefits without sunblock. Share that sunblock protects them from painful sunburns and other negative effects from spending too much time in the sun. Over time, your kids will pick up the habit of putting on sunblock before they swim. They will thank you for the good habit later in life.

Tip #2 – Walk Around the Pool

This is another tough one to follow. Again, when your kid is excited and ready to play, running is exactly what they want to do. So it’s natural for them to run around the pool, and your first instinct is to say, “No running!” But kids respond better to positive reinforcement, so try rephrasing the statement to be less negative, like, “Walk, please.” Lead by example, as well, by walking around the pool at all times. If they do want to jump into the pool, show them that it’s just as easy to walk to the edge and leap into your arms, as it is to get a running start. This will keep them safe from slipping and getting hurt.

Tip #3 – Wait for an Adult

Definitely one of the most important safety tips to share with young swimmers is to wait for an adult before they swim! Along with keeping them safe, it will teach your kids patience. Even if you have a secure fence, a lesson on how to wait and be patient is always a good thing. While it’s hard to wait, show them that it’s worth it. Plus, think of how much fun it is to swim with a loved one, anyway! 

Tip #4 – Read the Rules

Remembering a long list of pool safety tips can be hard for young minds. That’s why it’s a good idea to have safety rules posted by your swimming pool. You can even include symbols or pictures for little ones who cannot read yet. Then these safety tips will be much easier for them to follow. They won’t ever forget a long list of safety rules and tips, because they’ll have the right tool to use to remind them — their own personal safety-rules sign.

These 4 safety tips are the first step in ensuring that your family is able to safely swim this summer. Do you need a pool to go along with all those rules? With a swimming pool from Narellan Pools, you’ll enjoy your fiberglass pool to the max. And along with keeping your young swimmers safe, it will teach them good habits and lessons in life well beyond the swimming pool. Contact us today for your free quote on your pool of choice. Happy swimming!

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