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Aquatic Dance Therapy in Your Swimming Pool

Jul 22, 2021

As temperatures climb across the country, you’ll want to use your fiberglass pool from Narellan Pools daily to beat the heat. Maintaining an exercise regimen can be tricky for even the most devoted — especially during the hot summer months. Thankfully, there is a way to exercise in the great outdoors and cool off at the same time. Have you tried aquatic dance therapy in your swimming pool?

What is Aquatic Dance Therapy?

Aquatic therapy is an umbrella term that refers to any type of exercise performed in the water. It can be for relaxation, fitness, or physical rehabilitation. Many techniques have been developed for aquatic therapy, most beginning around the 1980s. But did you know, the use of water for therapeutic purposes actually dates back to 2400 BC!

Getting Technical

One of the most popular aquatic dance techniques is Ai Chi. Created in 1993, Ai Chi utilizes breathing and water resistance to relax and strengthen the body. Other well-known therapies include aqua running, which is perfect for athletes with injuries, and the Bad Ragaz Ring Method, also known as BRRM. Bad Ragaz takes its name from its place of origin in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland. It uses rings or floats to support the participant to improve their strength and mobility. For healing and general improvements in health, the Burdenko Method and Halliwick Concept of swimming and rehabilitation are excellent therapies.

Perhaps the most popular form of aquatic dance therapy, also known as water dancing, is Watsu. While wearing a nose clip to prevent water from entering the nose, participants of Watsu are gently guided underwater by the currents or an instructor while regularly coming up for breath. It incorporates elements of massage, Aikido, rolls, somersaults, and land-based dance. Watsu aquatic dance therapy emphasizes gentle and flowing underwater motions, which are both relaxing and beneficial.

What Type of Aquatic Dance Therapy is Best for Me?

You can do any kind of aquatic dance therapy you choose! The benefits are numerous, ranging from muscle strengthening to mental relaxation and anything in between. Perhaps the most important reason to take up aquatic dance therapy in your swimming pool is that it’s both fun and rewarding. No matter what type of aquatic dance therapy you choose to employ, you’ll be burning calories and getting some major stress relief. Which aquatic dance therapy are you going to try today?

Why Choose Narellan Pools USA for Aquatic Dance Therapy?

Why is a Narellan Pools swimming pool perfect for aquatic dance therapy? The answer is simple. With our wide range of pools and spas, you can participate in any type of aquatic dance therapy. Try it any time of the day or night—whether it uses rings, dance techniques, water resistance, or anything in between. Click here to check out the Nirvana. With a flat bottom and built-in oversized splash deck, it’s perfect for aqua running and Bad Ragaz. With Narellan Pools, exercise doesn’t have to be a chore! We can provide you with the right American-made pool for your needs! Request your free quote, or call one of our exceptional customer care team members at 1.888.342.7665 to discuss your pool options today. With Narellan Pools on your side, every day is the best swim day of the year.

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