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What Do I Need to Do Before Buying a Swimming Pool?

Oct 07, 2020

You’ve made the decision to get a pool. Fantastic! Are there any other steps you need to take to make that happen? You’ll want to pave the way to success properly so that you can enjoy your beautiful new pool for many years to come.

If you are looking into getting a swimming pool or have already started the process, have a look at the steps below. Let’s ensure you don’t miss any details along the way.

What about zoning?

What are the rules for putting in a pool in your area? If you’re not sure, research the rules and regulations for pool ownership where you live. If your online research doesn’t give the answers you are searching for, pick up the phone and call your local municipality.

Or, you can use our handy Builder Locator on our website to find a Narellan Pools builder and installer near you. An experienced pool builder in your local area can give you a great idea of what’s involved.

Avoid Budget Blunders

Before you can really proceed with the pool planning, you need to have a serious look at your budget.

Knowing the amount you’re willing to spend will influence the choices you make along the way. Secure the right financing needed for the perfect pool project. It’s easier to establish your overall pool dream now with the right financing than to try to piece together extra space, equipment, and accessories later in life.

Be sure to take stock of what you have to spend on the undertaking. When you find the right fiberglass pool for you, contact us for a free quote to help set your budget!

The Perfect Pool Details

Before you can have a pool built, you need to decide on what you want it to look like. Take a close look at your space to determine the ideal size and shape for your new pool. The rules and regulations in your area may also factor into these decisions. 

Fabulous Fencing

Pools are a ton of fun, and everyone and everything is going to want to experience the pleasure of that soothing, sparkling water. That’s why you need a safety barrier to keep your in-ground pool secure and safe at all times.

Different areas of the country have their own specific rules and regulations regarding fencing around pools, so you’ll need to check on your local requirements. You may need to have a specific type of fence and it may need to be a specific height, have a certain gate, sport an alarm system if connected to the house, or other important factors.


There’s more to the aesthetics of a backyard space than just the pool and landscaping elements. Hardscaping refers to the non-living components of your backyard design. Elements such as concrete, stonework, bricks, and wooden structures are all examples of hardscaping.

Just as with landscaping, dreaming up some ideas of what you’d like as far as hardscaping is concerned, may affect the size and shape of your pool. Talk to your pool builder to see if they will do the hardscaping around your pool, or if you need to hire a separate contractor.

Lavish landscaping or plain Jane?

While you don’t have to do anything fancy with the yard around your pool, creating a true backyard escape offers a wonderful getaway from life’s stressors.

If you have specific ideas about plants, flowers, grassy areas, lighting, or aesthetics that you would like to see in your backyard, plan to have your landscaping installed immediately after your pool installation and hardscape. This way, when you get a pool quote you can include your landscaping and hardscaping in the plans and financing.

What’s my next step?

Enjoying your pool forever is your next step! And choosing the perfect pool for you could not be easier. Narellan Pools has been designing and building exceptional fiberglass pools for five decades.

If you’re ready to explore the benefits of fiberglass pools, get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team or request a free quote today. We’re happy to discuss how to bring your backyard dreams to life!

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