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4 Daily Habits That Will Make Your Pool Last a Lifetime

Apr 27, 2021

We get it. Pool maintenance can seem like a never ending chore. It can be easy to tell yourself, “I’ll take care of that tomorrow or this weekend.” However, deferred maintenance can lead to problems for your pool. Newbies and seasoned pool owners alike can always stand to improve their pool-care routine. Adopt these four daily habits that will help your pool last a lifetime.

Skim & Vacuum

If you have leaves or debris floating in your pool, you may just think it’s par for the course. You’ll never get it all clean, right? Wrong! Those leaves actually make your pool chemicals work harder to break them down. For the leaves that make it into your filter, they can cause it to become clogged and create a huge mess for you. 

A quick win for pool maintenance is skimming and vacuuming the pool each day. To help cut down on the work, consider a robotic pool vacuum to do the dirty work for you.

Clean Your Filter

If your filter is dirty or clogged, it’s not doing your pool water any favors. Each pool has a clean operational pressure that’s unique to its specifications. When the pressure rises above the set level, your filter needs to be cleaned.

Keep that exact level on record somewhere that you can refer to it easily. When you know it’s above the proper level, take the time to clean out the filter so that it can efficiently get back to work.

Sanitizer Levels

You’re ready for a little pool time to wind down after a long day at work. You’ve got your swimsuit on and towel over your shoulder, and then you see something that will stop any pool goer in their tracks… Green water. 

Testing your sanitizer levels regularly is key to maintaining sparkling water in your pool. It’s important to remember that the amount of chlorine or salt needed to take care of your pool can vary. This is especially true if you have quite a bit of dirt and debris in your pool. This is why we encourage you to skim and vacuum your pool regularly. Stay on top of your sanitizer levels to ensure your pool is ready for fun whenever you are. 

Use a Pool Cover

A swimming pool is a big investment. Make sure you do everything you can to protect it. When it’s not in use, be sure to use a pool cover. You just spent time skimming, vacuuming, and checking the sanitizer levels. Don’t undo your hard work by letting new debris get into that sparkling water! It’s worth the few extra minutes it takes to keep your pool swim-ready.

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