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Do I Need a Pool House?

Mar 17, 2021

As you begin designing your backyard to accommodate your fabulous new fiberglass swimming pool, you may catch yourself wondering, “Do I need a pool house?” While you don’t necessarily need a pool house to enjoy your swimming pool, it does provide a valuable function: convenience. If you’re on the fence about building a structure to enhance your pool ownership, here are a few reasons to consider moving forward with that pool house addition.

Storage Solution

Goggles, floaties, and chemicals, oh, my! Having a swimming pool often comes with fantastically-fun accessories and necessary maintenance equipment. When you have a pool house, you have a convenient place to store all of your swimming supplies just a few feet away from your pool. It also helps to protect your equipment from the elements — including harsh wind and rain. You can also keep chemicals safely out of reach from curious small children and pets.

Fitness Central 

One of the biggest benefits of installing a swimming pool in your backyard is the amazingly-effective workout swimming provides. A pool house that doubles as your home gym creates the perfect setup for your fitness success. You don’t have to worry about being too loud, as a pool house is separate from your home — making it great for early morning sweat sessions or nightly exercise routines. And, it’s easy to include weight lifting, Pilates, or anything else you’d like to add to your swimming routine to keep your workouts fresh and fun.

Be Our Guest

If your space and design allow, you may want your pool house to double as a guest house. Extended family who come to visit for the holidays will love having a private space to relax and unwind next to your swimming pool. Teenagers who wish to have some space to hang out when friends are over for the night will be thrilled to have a pool house to entertain in a safe place. You may even enjoy moving in for the weekend from time to time for the ultimate staycation experience.  

Entertaining Convenience 

When you have a stunning fiberglass swimming pool, entertaining is probably one of the things you look forward to most. You may need a pool house if you love hosting get-togethers. This keeps your guests from having to enter your main home. Having a pool house means you can:

Are you ready to transform your backyard into the private retreat you’ve always wanted? At Narellan Pools, you’ll find the highest-quality fiberglass swimming pools along with a speedy installation. Our uniquely-tailored client experience is exactly what you’ve been searching for. Contact us today and get started on your fiberglass pool design, and bring your most luxurious pool-house visions to life!

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