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Answering Your Fiberglass Pool Installation Questions

Apr 13, 2021

You’ve made the decision to get a fiberglass pool installed. Congratulations! At this point, you probably have a lot of questions about building the perfect fiberglass pool. That’s not uncommon. It’s natural to want to know more about what the process will look like. Don’t worry! We’re here to help in answering your fiberglass pool installation questions.

How much input will I have in the planning process?

You have basically all of the input you’d like. We want you to love your pool! Your Narellan Pools’ builder will walk you through all of the planning steps. Together, you’ll work out your pool design, location, and fencing. You can even choose to plan out optional aspects, such as landscaping and paving. Your builder may then attain the necessary permits for the job.

Will I know the whole cost ahead of time?

Yes. Narellan Pools’ pool builders will always discuss all aspects of the pool installation cost upfront. That means there won’t be any surprises regarding price along the way. If there are any details you’re unclear about, be sure to talk to your pool builder so that those can be clarified. Our intention is to keep the client completely informed.

How do the excavators know exactly where to dig?

We know; once you’ve chosen the perfect spot, you don’t want anything to change. Not to worry! Your pool builder marks out the exact pool shape on the ground for the excavators to follow. It’s important to note that the hole that’s dug out may look a bit larger than your pool. That ensures that your pool shell fits perfectly.

Does my pool shell just float there in that enormous hole?

Your pool shell will rest comfortably on a supportive base of fine aggregate and cement. This creates a solid surface underneath your pool.

What if my location is tricky to access?

Not every pool site is easily accessible. In the nearly 50 years Narellan Pools has been installing fiberglass pools, we’ve pretty much seen it all. If needed, a crane will be brought onsite to lift your fiberglass pool over to your installation location. And your local pool builder can discuss with you any other requirements, such as road closures, taking fences down temporarily, etc.

Once my pool is installed in the hole, all it needs is water… Right?

Well, not exactly. We know you’re anxious to get swimming, but there’s still some fine tuning to do. The water needs to be added slowly, alternating with backfill around the edges. This keeps the proper pressure on the shell from both sides. Once the water level is part way up, you’ll also see the builders stop filling in order to get the filtration and plumbing connected.

How does my fiberglass pool stay in place?

Once all of the filling is done and the necessary components are in place, your pool will be locked in its spot by a structural beam. This step ensures that your fiberglass pool stays exactly where it needs to be.

Have more questions?

Now you have the answers to some of the most common fiberglass pool installation questions. We hope it helps clarify the process for you. You may still be wondering about a few details, though, and that’s perfectly understandable. Your exceptional Narellan Pools’ local pool builder team is happy to answer any and all installation questions you may have. Get in touch with us today to start dreaming about your stunning new fiberglass pool! Soon, you’ll be swimming in a backyard oasis that’s better than you could have ever imagined.

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