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What are My Heating Options for My Fiberglass Pool?

Feb 03, 2021

Adding a heating system to your fiberglass pool installation is a wonderful idea. With heat installed you can extend your swim season and even enjoy more swim nights. You need to be aware, though, that simply saying you’d like to have a heating system put into your pool isn’t quite enough. You’ll have to choose what type of system you want. Knowing that, you may be wondering, “What are my heating options for my fiberglass pool?”

The great news is that high-quality fiberglass pools are so durable that your options are pretty wide open. When choosing a heating system, you’ll want to keep in mind how you intend to use your pool, the climate in your area, the number of months you’re hoping to swim, pool size, and your budget. Here are the main heating choices for those having a fiberglass pool installed.


The least expensive heating option to have installed is an electric heating system. This type of system works by heating an electric coil. The water runs past the coil and gets warmed in the process. That said, heating a pool with an electric system can be costly. Also, it doesn’t provide a quick heating option. Electric systems are sometimes a reasonable option for smaller sized pools, but those with larger pools should probably look elsewhere.


The incredibly popular gas heaters are a common choice for a reason. While they are more costly to install than electric systems, they are not the most expensive heating system available.  They also offer a much quicker way to heat your pool water. If you don’t like waiting for the pool to heat up, gas heating might be your ideal choice. If you run it a lot though, the cost can add up. 


Solar systems have been gaining popularity in recent years. With many people trying to lead a greener lifestyle, solar heating is appealing. However, soon-to-be pool owners must take into consideration the fact that these heating systems cost more to install than the other options. That said, they will likely save you money over time as they harness the sun’s energy to heat your pool. If you’re considering going with solar heating, think about the number of sunny days you typically get. If you live in a sunny area, this can be a wonderful choice.

Extra Details

It’s important to remember that fiberglass pools are easier to heat and keep warm than any other type of pool. Fiberglass is an insulator and, as such, holds on to heat very well. That means that your pool shouldn’t take as long to heat as other kinds of pools, and it should retain its heat well. Also, covering your pool with a solar blanket when it’s not in use will help you keep even more heat in the water.

Here to Guide You Along the Way

We know that there are many decisions to be made when you’re making plans for a fiberglass pool installation. Fortunately, Narellan Pools has decades of experience behind us, so we’re well equipped to guide you through the pool-design and building process. Providing an unparalleled product and exceptional client service are paramount to us. Need inspiration? Check out our incredible gallery of sensational pools. Then contact us for your free quote. Soon you’ll have your well-heated pool ready and waiting for you to enjoy.

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