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How Many Hours Per Day Does My Pool Pump Need to Run?

Jun 11, 2021

Your pool pump is an amazing, vital component of your pool. While everyone oohs and aahs over the pool design, the dazzling color, and the sparkling water, the pump itself goes relatively unnoticed. This is an unfortunate oversight because the pump is the real workhorse of the system. It’s what keeps your water moving through the filter and sanitizing system. So on that note, let’s answer the question that so many pool owners ask: “How many hours per day does my pool pump need to run?”

Why Not Run the Pool Pump All the Time?

If you haven’t had a pool before, you may wonder why pool owners don’t just continually run their pool pumps. After all, if circulating water is so important to the overall health of the pool, why not keep it going? Well, you could, but it will cost you.

Yes, as with many decisions in life, the answer to this one comes down to money. Running your pool pump all the time will add up. You do, however, need to run it a certain amount of time to keep everything in tip-top shape.

Fiberglass for the Win

There are some definite advantages to having a fiberglass pool. One of these big perks relates to the pool pump and how often you need to run it.

Algae love to find nooks and crannies to attach to and grow in. There is less chance for algae to grow when your pool water is moving, particularly when there are also proper levels of chemicals circulating around the pool. However, as a fiberglass pool owner, you have a huge advantage when your water pump is off.

Remember those nooks and crannies we mentioned? Your fiberglass shell doesn’t really have them. While other types of pools have pores or rough surfaces, fiberglass pools have a smooth, Gelcoat finish that resists buildup.

Fiberglass pools also often have stairs built right into the shell. So there are no attached ladders with crevices to collect unwanted contaminants.

What Does All This Mean for Me?

Typically having your pool pump run through one full cycle a day works well for fiberglass pools. A full cycle means that all of the water in your pool moves through the filter once. This can usually be accomplished in a fiberglass pool in about 8 hours.

So that means that in every 24-hour period, you would need to run the pump long enough to move all the pool’s water through the filtration system. 8 hours is not an exact amount of time though. The size of your pool and the kind of pump you have factors into the amount of time it takes.

Talk to your pool builder about the ideal amount of pump-running time for your pool.

What are the Pool Pump Types?

As we mentioned, the type of pool pump you have factors into how long you’ll need to run it and how much it will cost to do so.

Single-speed pumps are the originals and, as the name implies, only run at one speed. They are also the least energy efficient. Dual-speed pool pumps are a step up, allowing for some energy and cost savings. Variable speed pumps are the top of the line and are designed to offer the ultimate energy efficiency.

Your pool builder will be able to tell you more about your options and how they’ll affect your running time.

Have More Questions?

We know; there’s a lot to learn about pools. The Narellan Pools team would love to help you along the way. Whenever you have questions about proper pool care, we are always here to help. And when you want the very best in backyard recreation, there’s only one choice to be made: A fiberglass pool from Narellan Pools.

With high-quality manufacturing, a vast selection of spectacular designs, and maintenance that is absolutely delightful, Narellan Pools can help you find the fiberglass pool that will be the highlight of your home.

Get started today with your free quote, or call 1.888.342.7665 to discuss your dreams with us. Soon, your refreshing retreat will be right where it belongs… Home.

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