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How much time does it take to maintain a fiberglass pool?

Oct 25, 2021

Owning any kind of swimming pool is constantly a balancing act. You must balance the time you spend caring for your pool with the time you spend enjoying it. Spend too much time on maintenance, and there’s no free time left to have fun in your pool! But how much time does it take to maintain a fiberglass pool?

You will quickly find that easy maintenance is just one of the many advantages of fiberglass pools. They’re the lowest-maintenance inground pool available on the market today. This gives you more time to jump in and enjoy that beautiful, clear water!

A few minutes is all it takes to maintain a fiberglass pool.

While these maintenance tasks should be done regularly, they really only take a few minutes each week. Just follow these steps for pool water that looks and feels absolutely incredible.

Test the water.

You should test your pool water weekly to check chlorine levels, pH balance, calcium hardiness, cyanuric acid (CYA), and total alkalinity. Yes, this is the same for all pool types. The good news is that fiberglass pools require a lot less adjustment with chemicals to keep these levels within healthy boundaries. This means less frequent testing and adding chemicals.

Skim water regularly. 

Armed with a good water test, you know exactly what to do. It’s important to always pay attention when you’re buying, so you get chemicals formulated for your fiberglass pool. There is less brushing and tinkering with fiberglass, but that doesn’t mean none. You’ll need to scoop leaves occasionally too. Using a skimmer and automatic pool cleaner significantly reduces the amount of time you spend brushing and scooping debris from your pool.

Run the pool pump and filter.

Fiberglass pools require only one circulation of water through the filter each day. That means that the entire body of water should pass through the filter once every 24 hours. This is less than concrete and vinyl liner pools, saving you both time and money on those energy bills. The length of time this takes depends on the size of your pool. We use this formula to determine how long to run each individual pool:

pool volume ÷ filtration rate = hours to run the filter

Ways to Cut Down on Time to Maintain a Fiberglass Pool

Maintenance is just what comes with pool ownership, just like owning a home, car, boat, or anything else. But there are several things a savvy pool owner can do to keep down the time and effort it takes to maintain their fiberglass pool.

Get an automatic pool cover.

No other pool investment pays off like owning an automatic pool cover. Sit in your backyard for an afternoon, picturing where your new pool is going in, and you’ll observe things you never noticed. Your neighbor Bill’s maple tree sure does drop a lot of leaves. Wow, there sure are a ton of birds flying overhead. Look at the bugs! Did you ever notice how much dust and debris clouded over the fence when Sam mowed his yard? Covers keep all this out of your pool. That’s less stress on your pump and filter, less wear and tear on your automatic cleaner, and less work for you! Not to mention the savings in energy and chemicals.

Invest in an Automatic Pool Cleaner.

If you have to manually clean your pool all the time, it’s going to seriously hamper your enjoyment of your pool as well as the time you have to enjoy it. An automatic pool cleaner can give you that time back. You’ll thank yourself every day you own your fiberglass pool.

How much time does it really take to maintain a fiberglass pool? If you’re rigorous about it, a few minutes per week is all it takes! And with a Narellan Pools fiberglass pool, the results of regular care is a stunning backyard oasis you’ll enjoy for a very long time. If you’re ready to add a fiberglass pool to your backyard that’s easy to maintain, get a free quote from Narellan Pools today. Your low-maintenance fiberglass pool will be an unbelievable joy.

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