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How To Narrow Down Your Choice of Pool Color

Oct 11, 2021

Everyone loves expressing themselves. So why should your new pool design be any different? Narellan Pools offers a versatile range of products in many colors to allow you to express yourself. How do you choose? Here’s how to narrow down your choice of pool color.  

From Sea to Shining Sea

Every Narellan Pools fiberglass product is sure to dazzle. However, certain colors will reflect the sunlight differently. As such, you’ll want to decide how brightly you’d like your pool to shine. Do you want it to be a deep blue or something different? How about a light blue, beachy vibe? Keep in mind that your choice of pool color will also change the overall look of your backyard. The amount of sunlight reflected can also affect your backyard aesthetic. If you love a serene lagoon pool, consider a darker color that will reflect less sunlight. Conversely, if you want your pool to draw the eye, a lighter color may be a better choice.

Heating It Up

Different colors draw in and store heat differently. Thus, your choice of pool color may affect the temperature of your pool. If you want your pool to stay cooler, consider a lighter color for the pool itself. On the other hand, if you prefer a warmer swim, a darker color may be the way to go. A darker color can also save on heating costs, which can also be helpful when building your pool budget.

Don’t Blink

Your choice of pool color will affect the visibility of the water. If you’re planning to do some diving or want to host pool games, it can be helpful to choose a pool color that will allow for better visibility, especially for younger swimmers or those participating in diving games. Different colors can also make it easier to see debris in the pool, which can be helpful for cleaning purposes.

Aesthetically Pleasing

When choosing a color, you’ll want to pick one that goes with the rest of your aesthetic—whatever it may be. Whether you want a color that contrasts with the rest of your backyard or one that complements it, Narellan Pools has a color selection that will work perfectly. The wide variety of pools can go with any color scheme, from the riotous colors of flowerbeds to the green or orange of tree leaves in summer and fall.

Let There Be Light

You’ll undoubtedly want to be able to use your pool throughout the day. This means you might need to consider lighting for those evening and night swims. The pool color you choose can affect what kind of lighting you will need for your pool. Different colors will require softer or more direct lighting in order to maintain enough light to swim. In addition, lighting will also change the aesthetic of your pool, which can in turn affect which color you may want to choose.By keeping the above factors in mind, you can easily narrow down your choice of color for your fiberglass inground pool designs. Narellan Pools is here to help you express yourself and make your dream pool a reality. And our local builders are masters at creating your ideal retreat. Call us 888.342.7665 or click here to get a free quote! With Narellan Pools on your side, your backyard beauty will be the talk of the town.

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