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Do I Have to Get a Privacy Fence If I Install a New Pool?

Dec 13, 2020

There are a number of considerations that come along with getting a new pool. Fencing is one important aspect of pool planning that must be taken into consideration. Every area has its own fencing requirements for swimming pools, but not all are the same. It’s important to check the regulations in your area before making any plans for your fence. Here’s what to do when you install a new pool.

Suggested Guidelines

The very first thing you should do when deciding on your pool fence is to consult with local authorities. You absolutely must meet your area’s regulations. That said, you can certainly go over and above to make your pool area more secure. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has a list of suggested guidelines for fencing around pools. 

The guidelines suggest that having a fence that completely surrounds a pool is preferable to having a barrier that uses your home as the fourth side. If a pool owner chooses to use their house as part of the pool barrier, door alarms should be installed on all doors that lead to the pool. The doors to the pool should also be self-closing and latching. Gates should be constructed with a locking device, too. In addition, it’s suggested that fences be at least 4’ high, but 5’ or higher is a better option.  

Added Security

Whether you’re required to have a certain type of fencing around your pool or not, the truth is that having a secure pool fence is a smart idea. Your pool is a source of enjoyment and you want to keep your family and friends protected. A gated fence allows access whenever you and your guests want to swim, but prevents unauthorized access to your pool.

Extra Privacy

Most people don’t want to be on full display when they’re in or relaxing around their pool. In such cases, even if your region doesn’t require a privacy fence, having one is advisable. Privacy fences are designed to block most or all of the view through them. They are at least 4’ high, but many are higher and there is little to no space between slats. In fact, they may not have slats at all. Some privacy fences are constructed of solid vinyl pieces. While some privacy fences have some lattice portions at the top, these pieces are placed above the 4’ mark to maintain privacy. These kinds of fences also help reduce temptation for small children and animals that pass by.

Advice From the Experts

You don’t have to know all the ins and outs of pool building yourself. Narellan Pools has been in the pool building business for close to 50 years. We’ve picked up a wealth of knowledge in that time. With a network of experienced pool builders across the country, we are on hand to offer you advice when you need it. Get in touch to discuss the options for your dream pool.

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