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Landscaping Recommendations for a Fiberglass Pool

Nov 30, 2020

You’ve chosen your ultimate fiberglass pool. After careful consideration, it’s everything you want it to be. The size is perfect. The shape is ideal. It has all of the features you’ve dreamt about. Then you realize, there’s something missing in your pool space. Landscaping for your fiberglass pool is the finishing touch.

Set It Off

It’s kind of like choosing the perfect frame for a stunning piece of art. Landscaping surrounds the pool and sets off the unique features you’ve chosen. Sure, you can put a pool in an unlandscaped yard. You’ll still enjoy your pool, but it just won’t have that same relaxing feel that being surrounded by soothing natural elements does. 

Think About Usage

If you installed your pool mainly for exercise, you may not be very concerned with landscaping around it. Many pool owners, however, enjoy having a pool for relaxation or gatherings with friends. In such cases, having some landscaping that brings it all together makes sense. It creates a space that works flawlessly.

Consider Tastes and Priorities

When you’re ready to make landscaping choices, you need to think about what’s most important to you. How will you be using your pool area? Do you hope to have barbeques or pool parties in your yard? Are you trying to create a peaceful oasis to escape to at the end of the day? What’s your personal style — do you love a clean, sleek look, or do you prefer to be surrounded by lush greenery? Your preferences will influence the type of landscaping you select.

Get Inspired

Most fiberglass pools have some sort of deck area surrounding them. Some people have trouble imagining what they’d like beyond that. If you know that you want some sort of landscaping, but have no idea where to start, try looking for some inspiration. There are tons of stunning landscaping ideas to be found. 

The Narellan Pools’ gallery is a fabulous place to start. Save the images that you’re most drawn to, so that you can show them to your landscape professional. They’ll be able to get a good idea of your personal tastes from your collection of photo inspiration.

Consider What’s Necessary

When creating your landscaping plans, be sure to factor in the necessary components. Most likely, you’ll need to incorporate some sort of fence for safety reasons. You’ll also want to think about how much natural light hits the pool area. Maybe you want your pool in the direct sunlight or perhaps you want to filter it through some trees or tall bushes. You might want to put in landscaping that adds privacy to your pool area. If you’ll be using your pool late in the day, you may want to supplement the natural light with some added lighting. Think about how and when you will use your pool.

Help with Landscaping for Your Fiberglass Pool

While we don’t do landscaping ourselves, Narellan Pools has been in the fiberglass pool business for decades. We regularly work alongside landscaping professionals to put together clients’ backyard visions. Get in touch today to find out how we can pull your backyard vision together for you — getting you the perfect pool in the perfect setting.

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