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If I Buy Now, How Long Until I Get My New Fiberglass Pool?

Oct 01, 2020

Making the decision to get a fiberglass pool is an exciting one. The tough part, once you’ve set the ball in motion, is the unending anticipation of waiting for your gorgeous new pool’s completion. So, how much time can you expect to wait before your new fiberglass pool is installed? Realistically, how long will it be until your pool is swim-ready? 

Awaiting Your New Fiberglass Pool

While you’d probably like some definitive numbers, the truth is that there is no exact amount of time that installing a pool takes. New fiberglass pools typically take between one and six months to install from start to finish. While that’s a large variable, the reason is that there are several factors that affect installation time. Once you and your builder have finalized your plans, you’ll have a much better idea of your pool’s specific timeline.

What affects the length of time?

The area that you’ve chosen to put your pool in has a bearing on the length of time. If the spot is more difficult to access or requires the use of special excavation equipment, the time can be extended. Also, the necessary permits, local municipality regulations, contractor availability, and your pool specifications can all affect your timeline.

A Step-by-Step Process

The steps to the perfect pool installation involve having a site inspection done and obtaining a quote, signing the contract, getting permit approval from local authorities, installing the pool, and—everyone’s favorite—getting to enjoy your brand new pool for decades to come. Narellan Pools has a defined five step process that ensures both quality and efficiency.

Narellan Pools’ Experience

You’re not in this alone. Narellan Pools will be with you every step of the way. We’ve been in the business for close to five decades. Our team is passionate and well versed in walking clients through the entire installation process. Whatever your questions, we have answers. Get in touch with our experienced team to get started on planning your stunning new fiberglass pool today. And while you are dreaming, check out our incredible gallery of pool installations!

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