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Pool Safety Tips for Pets

Jun 25, 2021

Long summer days are ahead, and we can bet that you and your family will want to spend them in your Narellan Pools swimming pool. As you prepare for a summer full of family time, it’s important to revisit safety measures for the entire family, including your pets. Whether your furry friend is new to the family or simply needs a refresher, many need a few lessons before roaming free near the pool. Be prepared for pool season with these pool safety tips for pets. 

Fence In the Pool 

Much like parents do when toddlers are around, it’s a good idea to make sure your pool area is fenced in for safety. Your four-legged family members are curious, and a fence will prevent them from wandering into the pool area unsupervised. Be sure that whichever type of fence you choose, it won’t allow cats or small dogs to squeeze through and get past the barrier. 

Teach Them How to Get Into the Pool

There are some pets that love the water and you simply can’t keep them out. Others are a bit hesitant about getting in. Whether your pet loves it or hates it, a great way to raise their water comfort level is to teach them the proper way to get into the water. 

Place a leash on your dog and then stand in the shallow end. Use a treat to coax them into the water. Even if they only take a few steps in, reward their progress with another treat! Little by little they can ease their way into the water and become more familiar with the concept. 

Whatever you do, don’t force or throw your pet into the water. This can cement a negative attitude about the water and undo any efforts you’ve made. 

Swim Lessons

Once your pet enters the water, hold them securely, then slowly walk them around the pool. As you approach the shallow end, lightly hold them and encourage them to swim toward the steps. 

Life Jackets

Whether swim lessons went well or not, you can keep your pet safe by using a life jacket when they’re in the pool area. Be sure to choose one that has proper flotation for the weight of your animal. Also select a life jacket with a handle on top so that you can easily remove them from the water if necessary. 

Show Them the Exit

Even if your furry family member has decided it hates the water, make sure you teach it how to get out of the water in the event that they accidentally fall in. Animals can easily get confused in the water, so it’s important to point them in the right direction. Bring them into the water. If they show they want out, guide them to the steps or the closest exit. You may even offer a few different options in case they’re too far from the shallow end. 
These pool safety tips for pets will keep your furry family members safe as you enjoy the summer sun. If you still haven’t installed a gorgeous new pool, now is the time! Narellan Pools offers a wide range of fiberglass pools and has the perfect one for your yard. Take a look through our gallery of work and start planning your pool installation today. Contact us for a free quote or for more information. Embrace summers to remember with a fiberglass pool from Narellan Pools.

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