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Can I Put a Salt Water System in My Fiberglass Pool?

Apr 29, 2021

Salt water pools have grown in popularity in recent years. More and more, studies show that salt water is less of an irritant to eyes and skin than chlorine, which is a huge win for those with sensitive skin. Add to that the ease of maintenance, and it seems like adding a salt water system is a no-brainer!

But should you consider opting for salt water when you install a Narellan pool? We’ll explain why you should add a salt water system in your new fiberglass pool

What’s the difference?

It’s a great debate for future pool owners: Salt water versus chlorine systems. When you’re thinking about installing a fiberglass pool, you may wonder if a salt water system is even an option. We’re happy to tell you that you can definitely put a salt water system in your Narellan Pools fiberglass pool!

You may be surprised to learn that a salt water pool isn’t actually chlorine-free. However, the way that chlorine sanitizes your water is gentle and effective. A salt water system converts sodium chloride (salt) into a pure form of chlorine. This is caused by a salt cell that sets off the chemical reaction needed to sanitize your pool. And with no chemical binders and additives, you’ll find your water is soft and gentle on skin and swimsuits alike. 

Impact on Fiberglass Pools

Less maintenance and less work sound like great benefits, but you may wonder how the salt water would impact your future pool. Think of boats out on the ocean. Many are fashioned with fiberglass hulls since that material has proven to hold up against the effects of salt water. 

Translate that to pools and it’s no wonder that salt water systems are a great addition to a fiberglass pool! Salt water will not have a negative impact on the life of your pool. You should have no problems as long as levels of both chlorine and salt are kept within the proper ranges for the size of your pool. 

Benefits of a Salt Water System

Everyone wants pool water that’s sparkling and clear. Not everyone wants to spend the time and money needed for maintenance. With a salt water system, your pool water will remain clear and sanitized with much less time and money spent maintaining it! 

For those who want to reduce the use of unnecessary chemicals, salt water systems are absolutely perfect. Salt water won’t have the same “chemical” smell of a chlorine pool.

On top of that, the water will be much easier on skin for swimmers. Many pool owners with salt water systems tout the soft, natural feel of the water compared to pools using more chemicals. 

Give us a call!

If you’re ready for less maintenance and more relaxation in your fiberglass pool, opt for a salt water system for your new fiberglass pool. Call the experts at Narellan Pools to get started! Narellan Pools has nearly 50 years of experience in the industry, and our team will offer advice and insight along the way to ensure the finished product is the pool of your dreams.

Contact our amazing client services team at 1.888.342.7665 or get your personalized free quote today. Imagine living life with a beautiful salt water fiberglass pool from Narellan Pools!

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