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5 Smart Ways to Save on Pool Energy Costs

Oct 04, 2021

Your beautiful Narellan Pools’ fiberglass pool is the hit of your home. Stunning and stylish, it beckons you back for recreation and relaxation on a regular basis. You want to treat it right so that you can enjoy it cost effectively through the decades. Here are five smart ways to save on pool energy costs.

Here Comes the Sun

As you probably already know, you can harness the power of the sun to save on energy costs. Solar energy can be used to heat your fiberglass pool and keep it at a comfortable temperature without requiring constant heating when the pool is in use. Covers that use solar energy are typically your best bet. Consider using a solar cover to keep your pool clean and heated simultaneously. Solar covers store the sun’s rays to keep your fiberglass pool heated without the use of a conventional heating system. Automatic pool covers also prevent debris from getting into the pool. This reduces the energy costs for cleaning the pool and running the filtration system.

Vacuum Power

Keeping your pool pristine and clean can take up both time and money. However, there is a way to save on energy costs using a robotic pool vacuum. Unlike a traditional pool vacuum that is connected to your pool’s pump, a robotic pool vacuum runs off its own energy source, which utilizes less energy overall for you. As an added bonus, using a robotic pool vacuum means less work for you, allowing you to use your pool whenever you’d like!

Filtering Things Out

Every pool needs a filter to cleanse dirt and debris. A pool sand filter can be your best friend in this regard. Pool sand filters, which use hard silica-based sand to trap dirt and leaves, are efficient. The sand only needs to be replaced approximately every five years. While this timeline may vary based on the amount of use, pool sand filters are another low-cost option to help you save on pool energy costs.

Setting Down Roots

While trees in your backyard can provide shade for your pool and be aesthetically pleasing, they’re actually a double-edged sword. Not only can trees bring more debris to a pool with fallen leaves, but root systems can also interfere with the pool’s plumbing system as they expand. For this reason, to avoid paying for extra maintenance on your pool’s plumbing system, take care to ensure that any trees have the proper room to grow. Additionally, ensuring that any trees have space will also reduce the amount of debris in the pool, thus saving on cleaning costs.

Lighting the Way on Pool Energy Costs

Using your pool in the evening or for a night swim means you’ll need lighting. In order to save energy, consider investing in LED or solar lights. LED lights are more energy efficient than other types of bulbs. Meanwhile, solar lights—much like solar pool covers—require no additional energy to run and allow you to use your pool during every hour of the day. These five tips can all help you save on pool energy costs. If you are looking for an efficient, beautiful new swimming pool, the best fiberglass pool from Narellan Pools is what you need. Call us 888.342.7665 or request your free quote!

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