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Should You Really Post “Pool Rules” by Your Backyard Pool?

Jan 29, 2021

Ahh. You finally have your own backyard pool. It’s your very own personal oasis, and you no longer have to worry about sharing a public pool anymore. But, you do know that public pools have rules posted by the pool. You’ve communicated your rules of being in and around the pool with your children, grandchildren or other family. If it’s only your family, should you really post “pool rules” by your backyard pool? Well, sometimes posting “pool rules” by your backyard pool has benefits.

Why should you post pool rules?

Again, if it’s only your family using the pool, why should you really post pool rules by your backyard pool? You all know them. Odds are, it’s not only going to be your family using your pool. You will have gatherings with friends and family, neighbors will come over, etc., and they will all need to know these rules. Posting these pool rules is much more convenient than explaining the rules each time.

If it truly is just your immediate family using your pool, pool rules can still be of benefit. How many times have your kids or significant other said, “You didn’t say that”? And be honest, how many times have you forgotten if you actually said that or not? Posting clearly written pool rules keeps your entire family on the same page. While you may still get in a disagreement or two over the rules, having them posted will keep your family safe and on the same track.

What pool rules should you post?

If you’re ready to write your pool rules, you may be wondering where to start. To make these as effective as possible, sit down with your family to write them. If your family members are involved in the process, they’ll be more encouraged to follow the rules. Even if they come up with something as simple as “no running,” they’ll know they had a part.

Here are some more rules to get you started:

These are some common pool rules to get you started. However, you may want to include others, like “No pets in the pool,” depending on your household and pool usage.

Where should you post your pool rules?

Make sure to post these rules clearly in sight of your pool, such as on your fence or the side of your home. You will want the text to be big enough and the sign close enough that swimmers can clearly see the rules from the pool. 

Make sure your pool is safe.

The most important part in pool ownership is safety. When you’re looking to buy a pool for your backyard, choose a safe option. Narellan Pools has over 50 years of experience, and our pools are continually updated to provide you the most durable, safest swimming pool on the market. Start on your backyard pool journey today by requesting a free quote. Soon, you’ll have a pool full of friends and family having the time of their lives.

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