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Why Late Summer is the Perfect Time to Start Planning a Swimming Pool Installation

Sep 30, 2021

It’s late summer and the days feel like they’re getting even hotter. You watch as your neighbors enjoy their pools and kick yourself for not acting sooner and getting a pool too. Now is the perfect time to plan your gorgeous fiberglass pool from Narellan Pools. If you can’t help but wonder if it’s time to start planning a swimming pool installation, we’ll tell you why late summer is the perfect time.

Good Weather for Pool Construction

There’s excitement in the air when your new fiberglass swimming pool is being installed. But depending on the season it’s installed, the weather can rain on your parade. Spring and fall can bring rain and storms, which can cause significant delays for your pool installation. Summer, on the other hand, typically has nicer, more consistent weather. This will help reduce construction delays due to inclement weather and have you enjoying your new pool much sooner. 

Availability for Swimming Pool Installation Appointments

Spring is a natural time for people to think about getting a pool. But because of this, it makes it more difficult to get an appointment for installation. By late summer, the major rush of pool installations has happened. That makes it the perfect time to start planning a swimming pool installation! Now that their busiest days are behind them, pool builders can devote more time and attention to your project. Rather than waiting several weeks or even months for a design consultation, you’re likely to find yourself with an installation date locked in much sooner than expected.

Next Summer Your Pool Will Be Ready To Roll

As those first days of pool weather appear next spring, others will be frantically calling to schedule their pool installations. But not you. No, you’ll be inflating your favorite pool floatie, pouring a refreshing drink, and relaxing in your beautiful fiberglass pool. You can enjoy your pool for the entirety of the summer season next year because you planned for it this year!

Time To Start Planning Your Swimming Pool Installation

When it’s time to start planning a swimming pool installation, the first step is to call your trusted local Narellan Pools’ pool builder. A stunning fiberglass pool from Narellan Pools will create an oasis in your own backyard. At Narellan Pools, we make it easy to plan your new pool. We provide a large selection of the finest fiberglass pools available. Our team of expert pool builders will guide you through the process and help you find the right pool for your backyard. If you’re not exactly sure what you want, we can help with that, too! Take a look at our gallery of work to gather a bit of inspiration as you plan your new pool. Give us a call for your free quote. Make all of your pool dreams come true with a fiberglass pool from Narellan Pools.

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