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What Are the Hidden Costs of a Backyard Pool?

Nov 23, 2020

Building a pool in your backyard is an investment in your best life. With this in mind, it may surprise you that not all pool builders are upfront with the pool costs. And there are still hidden costs even with pool builders who are upfront. You could ask your pool builder, “What are some costs associated with getting a new pool?” But if you want to be on the front foot, talk directly with them about the following costs. 

Paying for Permits

One of the hidden costs of a fiberglass pool is permits. While some companies may include the cost of the permit in their estimate, not all will. Requirements and cost vary by location, but you should expect to pay for both a pool permit and a fencing permit. It’s always better to plan for a higher cost and be pleasantly surprised than to not plan and have to pay. Again, cost varies by location, but plan to spend a few hundred dollars on permits.

Turning On the Lights

Not every pool building company has an electrician on staff, so electrical is not always included. You’ll need electricity for filtering systems, heaters, water features, etc. If your pool price doesn’t include electrical installation, you’ll need to find a local electrician that’s available during your installation to help.

Hauling Away the Dirt

When the builders dig a hole for your pool, there’s going to be a lot of dirt, and it all has to go somewhere. Make sure to ask your pool builder if they will cover removing the dirt or if it will be an additional bill. There’s also a chance that they will cover some of the removal and you will have to cover the rest.

Protecting Your Pool

Fencing is required for pretty much every pool in the world, so you’d think it would be included in the pool price, but it isn’t always. When you discuss fencing options with your pool builder, be sure to ask if fencing is included and, if not, ask about pricing. If you have a fence or automatic pool cover, it may be able to count, but be sure to check your local codes.

Keeping Things Pretty

When it’s all said and done, you’re going to have to restore your yard after the installation. While some of this may be included in your pool price, most of it will be up to you. Make sure you plan in advance for landscaping costs and decide whether you’re going to do it yourself or hire a professional. Replacing grass will be an immediate need, but you’ll have more time to decide on plants and furniture.

Maintenance is another cost not included with your pool installation, so keep this in mind. You can maintain your pool yourself or hire professionals to maintain it if it fits in your budget. These costs will include chemicals, replacing filters, and other cleaning equipment and supplies.

Work with a Builder You Can Trust

Narellan Pools will work with you through every step of the pool building process. We care about our clients and will make sure you know everything about your pool during our five-step construction process. Get started today with a free quote. You’ll be ready for a successful pool installation when you know the cost and hidden extras upfront.

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