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Why a Plunge Pool is Perfect for a Small Backyard

Jan 15, 2021

For years you have wanted a swimming pool. How nice would it be to just walk out to your backyard and be greeted by the glittering water? “But,” you think, “my backyard is too small for a swimming pool.” Well, that isn’t necessarily the case. There is a swimming pool option for small backyards: a plunge pool. “What is a ‘plunge pool’?” you ask? Let us show you this spectacular backyard pleasure.

The perfect fit for your backyard.

The plunge pool got its name because it is designed for plunging into, and because there is no shallow or deep end — the entire pool is one depth. You can literally plunge right in and enjoy the cool, clear oasis. At Narellan Pools, though, we try to include some features that make your plunge pool even more enticing. This includes a long bench seat at the edge to relax. In addition, there are steps that take you down into the pool and a step ledge around the outside. So, even though the intention is to go straight into the depth, you still can work your way into the pool water if you desire.

Plunge pools are also smaller in length and width than regular swimming pools. Often, they’re just slightly larger than a hot tub. At Narellan Pools, we have a variety of plunge pool dimensions to choose from. If your backyard is more of a square shape, our Eden 3.5 may be the right choice for you, with dimensions of 10’ by 9’ 11”. On the other hand, if you have a rectangular backyard with not much space, the Eden Slimline, at 15’ 2” by 5’ 5”, may be a better fit. There are also options for every compact yard in between, so you’re sure to find the perfect pool.

A smaller pool doesn’t mean less fun!

You may be thinking that a smaller pool may be less fun, but that really isn’t the case. Honestly, the only thing that could be less fun is having no pool at all! Our plunge pools are designed at the optimal depth for maximal functionality. The single depth throughout the pool is perfect for low-impact exercise, and it can even be used to swim laps depending on the model you choose. 

Minimal Space = Minimal Maintenance

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a plunge pool is that the small size makes it easier to care for than a full size swimming pool. In addition, it is more cost efficient. A smaller pool means less energy, less water, and fewer chemicals used. Plus, it is really easy to put a cover on a small pool, increasing the safety of both your pool and your loved ones.

Find your paradise with Narellan Pools.

Now that you know what a “plunge pool” is, are you ready to take the next step? Narellan Pools can help you out. Our Eden plunge pool is perfect for compact backyards. Crafted with our unique fiberglass formula, it is sure to bring you decades of enjoyment. Start on your dream pool journey today with a free quote. One of our local pool builders will work with you to take advantage of your yard space and build your dream plunge pool.

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