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Ascent Pool
Symphony Pool
Aria Pool
Nirvana Plunge Pool
Panama Pool
Neptune Spa Spa
Harmony Splash Deck Spa
Eden Plunge Pool -- Available in 2022
Serene Pool -- Available in 2022
Grandeur Pool -- Available in 2022

Spa & Splash Deck

There’s a misconception that fiberglass pools aren’t that flexible, but Narellan Pools is showing the market just how flexible fiberglass swimming pools can be! Our range of pool designs are beautiful, versatile, and family-friendly. We want you to have your own backyard oasis – a place where you and your family can relax, have fun, and make lifelong memories. We’ve spent decades developing the many pool options we have available. Our research and innovation in the fiberglass swimming pool space makes us confident that you’ll find the perfect pool for your home, from within our range.

Small backyard? We can help you add value to your space with an attractive spa, plunge pool or compact-sized pool. Take a look at our Nirvana Pool, Eden Pool, Neptune Spa and Harmony Wading Pool to get some inspiration. Big backyard? We have pools that can take your backyard to the next level, and they’ll be a big hit with family and friends! Sloping backyard? We’ve provided many clients with fantastic Free-Standing pools that make the most of their sloped yards. If fitness is your end goal, we have various options to suit your lifestyle and home. Our fiberglass pools come in a range of sizes as well, so you can find a pool that fits (literally and figuratively!) the vision you have for your backyard.

There are so many ways we can work with you to create your dream pool, and it’s our passion to make your dream pool a reality! We know that purchasing a pool can seem a daunting process, but we’re focused on ensuring our clients have a hassle-free experience, so they can be in their dream pool in no time! If you’re unsure which of our pools would best suit your home and lifestyle, or if you’d like more details on a pool from our range, give us a call and we’ll help you out. You can also get a free pool quote by clicking the Free Quote button below.

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