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Compact pools designed to suit modern life

Don’t let a small yard prevent you from enjoying all the benefits of your very own swimming pool! There’s an increasing trend for smaller, versatile pools designed to fit perfectly into any yard. And with Narellan Pools, you can enjoy an in-ground plunge pool that’s beautiful, built to last and tailored to meet your precise needs.

Benefits of a plunge pool

A plunge pool is perfect for tight spaces that can’t quite handle a full-sized swimming pool, while still offering the benefits of a bigger pool. Narellan Pools has devised a versatile range of plunge pools that can easily incorporate swim jets, enabling you to make the most of the space by offering increased resistance. This means you can enjoy all the essential health-boosting water exercises you would expect from a much larger pool.

Our plunge pools can also be fitted with spa jets, creating an incredibly relaxing hydrotherapy experience as well!

Designed with safety in mind

Our plunge pools have been carefully designed with safety in mind. Constructed from highly durable fibreglass which has been tested for resilience and strength, our plunge pools offer non-slip surfaces and wide steps to minimize the risk of accidents.
We’ve also taken extra special care to include features specifically for children: we have step ledges around the perimeter and pools with a uniform shallow depth so kids can have maximum fun in a safe, suitable environment.

Affordable luxury

With luxurious seating areas and a wide selection of different tiling options to choose from, our plunge pool range is a flexible and affordable solution no matter the size of your yard. The range is also designed to complement any of our larger swimming pools, giving you the option of a complete hydrotherapy solution for your home. Narellan Pools is known worldwide for our superior quality, our reputation for innovation and our state-of-the-art manufacturing and construction process. Get in touch with our friendly staff now!

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We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pools

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